General Public

Under the terms of its constitutive intergovernmental agreement, EUCLID is authorized to enroll and educate select students from the general public. “General public” technically refers to applicants that are not officials of a EUCLID Participating State or of a partner intergovernmental organization. “General public” students are paying students, and their tuition fees constitute a major source of funding for the institution, allowing EUCLID to sponsor non-paying / full scholarship students from its mandated constituency.

For general public applicants, the procedure is as follows:

  • online registration / application
  • upon receipt of EUCLID acknowledgement, applicant must send in required document per EUCLID checklist
  • upon receipt of completed documentation, applicant must under admissions interview (using Skype)
  • if approved, applicant receives notification with Enrollment Agreement, valid for 30 days