Alumni Profiles and Quotes

Ambassador Hanna Simon, MDIA

(Hanna Simon, MDIA graduate, is the Ambassador of Eritrea to France and UNESCO).

Shiraz Arif Mohamed, MDIA

(Shiraz Mohamed, MDIA graduate, is a diplomat of the Republic of Guyana to the United Nations). (See also: Diplomatic Note from Permanent Mission).

Jonathan Ryan, MBASD

(Jonathan Ryan, MBASD graduate, relocated from Europe to his native New Zealand and now works for the Government of New Zealand).

Alexandra Carle, MSDD

(A native of New Zealand who did her MSDD program while residing in France, Alex Carle, upon graduation, was hired by the British Red Cross as Head of Region).

Dr Glenville Ashby

(Glenville Ashby, DIRD graduate, is a well-known journalist based in New York with ties to the Caribbean community).

Eliana Silva Pereira, MSDD

(Eliana Silva Pereira, MSDD graduate and a native of Portugal, was an advisor to the Minister of Economic Development of Timor-Leste).

The Rev. Dr. Troy Epps

(Troy Epps, EUCLID doctoral graduate in theology, is a chaplain based in Arizona, United States).