Alumni Profiles and Quotes

Hanna Simon, MDIA

(Ambassador Hanna Simon, EUCLID MDIA graduate, served as Ambassador of Eritrea to France and UNESCO).

EUCLID offered an excellent, intense and practical master's degree program that was demanding but doable. It sets the standard very high for government capacity-building programs of the same kind.

Shiraz Arif Mohamed, MDIA

(Shiraz Mohamed, MDIA graduate, is a diplomat of the Republic of Guyana to the United Nations). (See also: Diplomatic Note from Permanent Mission).

I chose EUCLID for its credibility, cost factor and programme flexibility. A treaty based status with the United Nations ensured that the programme was recognized and of a high standard. The syllabus was relevant to my work at the UN and allowed the latitude to explore my areas of interest. The MDIA has equipped me with the relevant skills to deliver informed and analytical advice to my Capital. I highly recommend this programme to anyone aspiring to pursue further studies in the field of international affairs.

Jonathan Ryan, MBASD

(Jonathan Ryan, MBASD graduate, relocated from Europe to his native New Zealand and now works for the Government of New Zealand).

The EUCLID MBASD programme was extremely beneficial and I was able to successfully re-orientate my career, gaining a position for the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment in New Zealand. I received excellent support from the staff and found it really interesting as well!

Alexandra Carle, MSDD

(A native of New Zealand who did her MSDD program while residing in France, Alex Carle, upon graduation, was hired by the British Red Cross as Head of Region).

I really enjoyed the flexibility and depth of learning that the EUCLID Masters gave me. I could work in my own time, location and on the subjects that interested me most. I had contact with inspiring professionals from around the world who had a vast range of experience to share and a base of knowledge to challenge my thinking and analysis. The studies not only helped me to find an interesting and rewarding job but definitely increased my knowledge base in relevant subject areas to be able to work effectively.

Dr Glenville Ashby

(Glenville Ashby, DIRD graduate, is a well-known journalist based in New York with ties to the Caribbean community).

EUCLID's academic and professional support throughout my doctoral programme in Interreligious Dialogue and Diplomacy was instrumental in securing a position as a New York based correspondent for the most established media houses in the Caribbean. Its rigorous standards prepared me for the competitive world of journalism and also provided the tools to establish the not-for-profit, 'Global Interfaith Council Corporation.'

The Rev. Dr. Troy Epps

(Troy Epps, EUCLID doctoral graduate in theology, is a chaplain based in Arizona, United States).

My time with EUCLID was very positive. My advisor served as a terrific mentor to me, walking me through my dissertation process, and allowing me to pursue my desired direction while offering brilliant insights and helpful encouragement along the way. I’m glad that EUCLID was a part of my educational journey!

The Hon. Samuel Dotse, Ph.D.

(EUCLID DSDD graduate, serving as Government of Ghana’s appointee to the Keta Municipal Assembly, he also served as Deputy Presiding Officer of African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council (AU ECOSOCC))

A four-year academic journey with EUCLID has been worth the walk. EUCLID allowed me to understand systemic interactions and express logical, respectful, and persuasive arguments through the rich materials made available under the Doctor of Philosophy degree in sustainable development and diplomacy program. My heart’s desire to enhance my professional diplomatic skills for a higher position in public governance and multilateral environmental agreements negotiations has been fulfilled.

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