EUCLID welcome Prof Fanneh as new Vice-Chancellor (Gambia HQ)


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EUCLID (Euclid University – Gambia Headquarters) Announces the Appointment of Prof. Momodou Mustafa Fanneh as the New Vice-Chancellor

Banjul, Gambia – [Date] – EUCLID University, globally recognized for its commitment to international higher education and sustainable development, is proud to announce the appointment of Prof. Momodou Mustafa Fanneh as its new Vice-Chancellor at its Gambia Headquarters.

Prof. Fanneh comes to EUCLID with an illustrious academic background and a vast array of experience in higher education administration. His dedication to scholarly excellence, innovative approaches to education, and a proven track record of leadership makes him an ideal choice to steer the university into its next phase of growth and global impact.

As EUCLID’s International Faculty Coordinator and Oversight Council Chairman noted: “Prof. Fanneh’s vision for EUCLID, combined with his deep understanding of the nuances of international academia, makes him the perfect fit for this role. We are confident that under his leadership, EUCLID will continue to scale new heights and solidify its position as a beacon of academic excellence on the global stage.”

During his esteemed career, Prof. Fanneh has made a major impact at the (national) University of The Gambia, leading the development of new programs and training a new generation of economic and political leaders for the country. His dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive academic environment aligns perfectly with EUCLID’s core values and mission.

EUCLID looks forward to the dynamic and visionary leadership that Prof. Fanneh will bring to the role of Vice-Chancellor. As the university continues to expand its international partnerships and strengthen its academic offerings, Prof. Fanneh’s expertise will undoubtedly be invaluable.

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About EUCLID University EUCLID, also known as Euclid University, is a specialized (UN-registered) intergovernmental organization and as such a dynamic institution dedicated to providing world-class education with a focus on sustainable development and international diplomacy. With partnerships and affiliations spanning the globe, EUCLID is at the forefront of intergovernmental education.

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