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36-40 ICH | 60 ECTS


EUCLID School of Diplomacy and International Affairs

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Online / Distance
Part Time or Full Time

EUCLID’s Online Master in Mediation and Conflict Resolution

EUCLID’s online master in mediation and conflict resolution is unique in that offered by an international intergovernmental organization with a university mandate and specialized expertise in diplomacy, in partnership with the world’s premier network of mediation professionals: WMO (Berlin).

It is therefore only Master’s degree program in mediation and conflict resolution organized by an international intergovernmental organization and officially used by senior civil servants over 4 continents.

EUCLID’s program offers a triple competency: mediation at the international level, mediation at the local and inter-personal level, professional negotiation.

online master in mediation and conflict resolution

Academic Presentation

Conflict is present and destructive at all levels of life and society. Our still-new century is rife with inter-personal conflicts which are expressed and originated on various accounts: ethnic, religious, psychological, economic, etc. Because conflict is so damaging to society, mediation and conflict resolution has become a very important skill, one that can be applied to serve many organizations and government bodies.

These are some of the critical topics covered in EUCLID’s unique online Master in Mediation and Conflict Resolution – unique because offered by an international intergovernmental organization committed to facilitating dialogue and conflict resolution, as well as unique for being delivered completely is distance / online format.

The EUCLID online master in mediation and conflict resolution is also unique for blending personal level psychology with high level issues (diplomacy, inter-religious dialogue) and practical skills (negotiation), the purpose being to offer a comprehensive coverage of this broad topic.

EUCLID + WMO= Global Mediation in Practice

final-3_med-7[1]Photo above: WMO Mediation Summit 2016

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Admissions / Entry Requirements for the MMCR

Applicants should have a relevant Bachelor’s degree issued by an institution listed in the UNESCO-IAU handbook / database. Similar or related backgrounds with adequate professional experience may be considered

Government-sponsored applicants (who are already government staff) may be admitted without the required educational credential if their level of education and experience is deemed sufficient. EUCLID may require these participants to complete bridge courses prior to enrolling in the program.

Fluency in English (spoken and written) is required and will be tested.

Students are expected to be in position to dedicate 10 to 15 effective hours of study on a weekly basis.

Tuition and Fees

Employment Outlook

This EUCLID MMCR provides outstanding professional and academic preparation to its students for a successful career in mediation at the international, local and inter-personal levels. Our alumni have been successful securing employment and promotions in government service and international organizations.

Faculty Highlights

EUCLID’s MMCR program is supported by a world-class faculty group which is truly global in scope and dedicated to high-quality interaction with each student. For each program, 3 faculty members are featured below, and the full faculty roster is accessible via the top menu.

Pr Daniel Erdmann

Professor of Mediation

Robin van Puyenbroeck

Adjunct Professor of International Affairs
(USA | Belgium)

Pr Charles Doubane

Professor of Diplomacy and Public Law


Download Brochure

The full MMCR Brochure can be downloaded in PDF format.

Why study at EUCLID?

EUCLID is the only intergovernmental, treaty-based university with a UN registered charter and recognized expertise in SD. Its MBASD program was ranked #1 among the world's 17 best by the independent US research firm ``BestCollegesReview``

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