A major concern with online learning is the quality and quantity of interaction between students and faculty members. Will qualified professors be available? How long will it take to get a reply or a paper graded? These are important considerations with a significant impact on the quality of any online learning experience.

At EUCLID, faculty guidelines indicate that a professor can expect to spend up to 3 hours per student per course. This covers email interactions, time to grade papers and send feedback, coordination time as well as 45 minutes dedicated to the oral face to face examination. By contrast, many students entered a EUCLID program from other institutions remark on how little faculty time and interaction they used to get and what a difference EUCLID’s commitment to individual interactions makes.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]The scholarship on distance learning affirms the importance of engaged and approachable instructors in online education. Joseph McClary summarizes the research and notes that interaction with instructors has been linked to increased student learning and satisfaction. Most importantly, McClary notes that high-quality online education requires instructors to engage with students on an individual level rather than merely provide oversight as students proceed through the course.[/beautifulquote]

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