Originally from New Zealand and at the time residing in France, Alexandra Carle is a EUCLID graduate who obtained her MSc in Diplomacy in 2013. Upon graduating and with EUCLID’s reference, she applied for and obtained a global position with the British Red Cross.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]I really enjoyed the flexibility and depth of learning that the EUCLID Masters gave me. I could work in my own time, location and on the subjects that interested me most. I had contact with inspiring professionals from around the world who had a vast range of experience to share and a base of knowledge to challenge my thinking and analysis. The studies not only helped me to find an interesting and rewarding job but definitely increased my knowledge base in relevant subject areas to be able to work effectively.[/beautifulquote]

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Photo: Alex Carle (L) from British Red Cross hears from #Anguilla about local efforts & how UK funding can help our branch (with Governor General of Antigua R).