Dr Alben Sigamani

Dr Alben Sigamani medical professional with a strong commitment to clinical research.

  • Initiated and coordinated several global multi-center clinical trials in India.
  • Supported and promoted a division focused on conducting clinical research projects and training young health professionals in research methods.

Work Experience Present day

Associate Professor – Division of Clinical Research & Training, St John’s Research Institute
• Academic steering committee member for phase 3 multicenter global clinical trials
o The International Polycap Trial – 3 (TIPS3), a trial evaluating a polycap, aspirin and vitamin D supplementation in subjects aged over 55 years with moderate risk for
cardiovascular outcomes, cancer and fractures.
 Developed protocol, initiated and conducted a phase 2 evaluation for finding the right dose of polycap to be used in the TIPS3 trial
 Support medical queries, safety report writing, respond to regulatory & ethics committee queries coordinate patient recruitment and follow up.
 Present national updates, strategies for improving recruitment and budget at steering committee meetings and investigator meetings.
o Management of myocardial injury After NoncArdiac surGEry (MANAGE), a large international RCT to assess the impact of dabigatran and omeprazole in patients
suffering myocardial injury after noncardiac surgery (MINS)
 Initiated and conducted a cohort of 3500 patients undergoing noncardiac surgery and contributed to the formation of an internationally accepted definition of MINS
 Coordinated submission of a regulatory dossier to the Drugs Controller General – India to obtain permission to conduct the trial in India at 14 multispecialty hospitals
across India.
 Negotiated with the sponsors to work out an appropriate insurance cover that supports amended drugs and cosmetics act of India.

Relevant work experience in the past

2004 – 2007 – Country manager for PRoFESS, a multicenter Global clinical trial in secondary stroke prevention
2008 – 2014 – Co Investigator and Program Manager for a NHLBI (NIH,USA) funded program – Global Health Initiative to counter chronic diseases in developing countries.
 Co Developed the entire program and the business proposal for NIH Funding
 Coordinated submission of regulatory dossiers, ethics committee registrations
and approvals
 Managed the program, purchase of research equipment, training and data.
 Elected as chairperson for Community Health Worker (CHW) based interventions subcommittee that included other Centers of Excellence running similar intervention programs

Educational Qualifications

Masters in Clinical Trials
• Completed an MSc in clinical trials from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical
medicine. Started in September 2010 and completed within 3 years – September 2013.
Graduated in March 2014 from University of London for International programs
MD in Pharmacology
• Completed masters in clinical pharmacology from St John’s Medical College under the Rajiv
Gandhi University for Health Sciences, Bangalore. 2001 to 2004
MBBS Graduate
• Completed MBBS from St John’s Medical College, Bangalore under Bangalore University.
Course completed in 1999.
• 2 years of Rural Health services at Palamaner, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, 1999 to 2001
o Worked as medical officer for National Tuberculosis Control Program and the National Leprosy Eradication Program
o Actively involved in training field workers, conducting field visits and clinics, referring Leprosy patients for rehabilitation surgery.

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